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Meet Juniper!

Welcome to Formed by Experience! My name is Juniper LaNunziata, and I am a Christian Education professional. This blog serves as a constantly-growing portfolio of my experiences, activities, and in-progress ideas in the area of Christian Education for children, youth, and adults. I collect them here so that they can serve both as a record of my activities as a minister and so that I … Continue reading Meet Juniper!

Jesus on the Go!

Summertime is a time when church attendance at my current parish becomes rather spotty. Many of my parishioners go on extended vacations to their beach homes or travel to visit family, and attending church every Sunday morning with our local community isn’t always possible or feasible. As a minister I can kick against the goads, or I can acknowledge this limitation and work through it. … Continue reading Jesus on the Go!

Movie Night Publicity + “Ticket Stub” Reminder

Our parish has an upcoming movie night, and we want to make sure folks know that they are invited. I’ve been putting information in the normal channels of info, but wanted to highlight it especially, so I created these mini fliers that look like movie tickets to stuff in bulletins this Sunday. I bought a micro-perforator on Amazon so that the stubs can be torn … Continue reading Movie Night Publicity + “Ticket Stub” Reminder

Confirm Not Conform- The Rules of the Road

This year St. Paul’s embarked on a new journey to the sacramental rite of Confirmation.  Our bishop is going to visit us on Palm Sunday, so we are using the program year to prepare 10 youth for the sacramental rite of Confirmation. Or, rather, we are preparing them to decide if Confirmation is “rite” for them. (lol) In some traditions, baptism is something that only … Continue reading Confirm Not Conform- The Rules of the Road