Lent at Home Bags 2021

In some ways, it has felt like Lent 2020 never ended. At the beginning of 2020 when we first started learning about Covid-19 and thinking about what it would mean if we were not able to safely meet together, I didn’t imagine it would still be going on a whole year later. We “slowed the curve,” but the curve kept going. We stayed home, we stayed safe, but the virus hasn’t left us. Now, we have a vaccine, and this is the first time that numbers have really started to decline. There’s an end in sight. This constant reminder of our mortality is lessening, however gradually. It’s still not safe for us to meet together, so we’re adapting.

I put together these Lent at Home bags so that folks at St. Paul’s could keep a Holy Lent together.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A booklet I made that explains what Lent is and what each item in the bag is – see below
  • Daily Prayer times pamphlet that I made – see below
  • “Bless This Mess” cards from the Salt Project – see below
  • A devotional from Illustrated Ministry that includes coloring sheets – see below
  • Origami masu box used to hide the Alleluia
  • A packet of yeast to use with the pretzel recipe in the Lent booklet
  • Eight battery-operated tealights to use with the Salt “Bless This Mess” Cards
  • Comfort crosses made of olive wood
  • A laminated print of the labyrinth from the floor of the Chartres cathedral
  • Crayons

This what the bulletin I made contains:

Below is a preview of the “Bless This Mess” Cards from the Salt Project. They’re seriously great, I can’t over-recommend them. Click here to view them on the Salt Project’s website.

Below is a preview of the daily prayer times pamphlet I made last year. Click here to see the post I made about it or to download it and share it.

Below is a preview of what’s in the Illustrated Ministry resource. Click here for more info.

I created the origami masu box resource for hiding the Alleluia. Click here to visit the post I made about that.

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