Meet Juniper!


Welcome to Formed by Experience! My name is Juniper LaNunziata, and I am a Christian Education professional.

This blog serves as a constantly-growing portfolio of my experiences, activities, and in-progress ideas in the area of Christian Education for children, youth, and adults. I collect them here so that they can serve both as a record of my activities as a minister and so that I may easily share my ideas with other Christian Educators. In a sense, it is a journal, a portfolio, and a well that other educators may draw from.

I’m currently serving as the Director of Christian Formation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Greenville, NC. I’m a graduate of Mid-Atlantic Christian University of Elizabeth City, NC, and I was raised Roman Catholic, though I tried a lot of different things out before I came to the Episcopal Church. I enjoy geocaching, watching Star Trek, making art, drinking artisan coffee, and baking sweet treats for my partner.

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