Faith-Full home, week of June 28, 2020

Here are some lovely resources I’ve collected for doing faith formation at home!

Bedtime Blessings

This lovely list of blessings from Heather VanDeventer and David Gortner over at Building Faith can help parents step into their role as a faith leader in their children’s life. Many parents think of faith formation as something that happens at Sunday School or Church, but our homes are sacred spaces, too. You are already your child’s chief instructor in the faith! Whether you are clergy or a lay person, you have the ability to pronounce God’s blessings on your children.

We Gather at This Table

We Gather at This Table by Anna Ostenso Moore

When Today is a Baptism Day came out last year, I was very excited by this resource, and I’ve used it several times with the children of St. Paul’s. Consider buying We Gather at This Table, which offers a lovely look at Christians eating together sacramentally.

Taking Faith Formation Outdoors

Check out these excellent suggestions for how to do faith formation outside. My favorite one was the suggestion to pray together, and after each person says a prayer, they blow a bubble and watch it float away.

Francis and Friends

A still from Francis and Friends

It’s a real bummer that we can’t safely do vacation bible school together this summer. One thing you can do is to have safe faith formation outside together! Check out Francis and Friends, a free at-home VBS centering around the teachings of Francis and Clare of Assisi. I watched the videos and I found them charming!

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