Faith-full Home, Week of June 7, 2020

Summer Bible Bingo

This resource comes from Sparkhouse. Sparkhouse is great, we have used resources from them including Spark, Frolic, Whirl, and most recently, Holy Moly. It encourages family bible study and actions to put faith into practice. Find new stories in the Bible or revisit some old favorites.

Antiracist Resources for All Ages

Finding ways to celebrate faith at home can be tough, I’m really grateful to be able to collect trustworthy resources for families to do faith formation with one another. This week I’m focusing primarily on Antiracist formation, because Antiracist work IS Christian work!

While most of our St. Paul’s families are white parents with white children, I acknowledge that is not the case across the board. Now, more than ever, it is time for White people to talk frankly with their children about race, racism, and white supremacy. Your children are already very aware of race, and if you hesitate to speak about it, they will learn that it is a taboo subject, and they will absorb the dominant cultural narrative of white supremacy. Silence is, in this case, complicity.

A Guide for White Parents to Talk to White Children about Race

You don’t have to read and practice everything in this article all at once, but it’s a good place to start. This great collection of resources comes from my friend Wendy Claire Barrie. Beyond just talking, it would be helpful to gather your kids together and talk to them about the protests they are seeing, about why they are necessary, and to make donation together to bail funds.

Supporting Racial Justice Now

This short collection of links from my friend Wendy Claire Barrie offers both theological and material resources to parents who want to help and support their children with protests and other demonstrations.

A Collection of Anti-Racist Resources for All Ages

And I do mean ALL ages! These resources were compiled by librarians Jamila Felton and Mara Rosenberg.

Check out this preview of Antiracist Baby, a children’s board book for antiracist activism.

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