Celebrating Holy Week at Home

Hello, St. Paul’s families! 

We’re all feeling the loss of connection we have become accustomed to. We are staying home as much as we possibly can, and even when we do get to physically interact, there’s a new distance between us in the form of social distancing. We aren’t able to physically gather together to worship, but our prayers align us in a spiritual communion that transcends the holy distance between us. 

With that understanding, I’ve collected some great resources for celebrating Holy Week and Easter from home with your little ones.

First and foremost, I’ve published four videos of me telling Godly Play stories, to help us stay connected to sacred story.  They are:

  • Getting Ready
  • The Holy Family
  • The Circle of the Church Year
  • The Faces of Easter

I suggest watching the “Getting Ready” video each time you prepare to hear another Godly Play video. Any of these can be watched at any time, but I recommend The Holy Family for Monday of Holy Week, The Circle of the Church Year for Tuesday, and The Faces of Easter for Wednesday and Thursday. The Faces of Easter is a little long and has many moments to pause and reflect on. 

Getting Ready.

At the beginning of each Godly Play session, we go through a set process of getting ready to hear a story. Each week, we light a candle and pour from a pitcher into a bowl. During the rest of the year, we pour water. In Lent, we pour sand.
The Holy Family.

A Godly Play session of the Holy Family. The color changes to purple for Lent.
The Circle of the Church Year.

Pause and wonder together during the wondering questions.
1. I wonder, which color you like best?
2. I wonder how the colors make you feel?
3. I wonder, which was the most important color?
4. I wonder if you have seen these colors in the Church?
5. I wonder, could we take away any color, and still have everything we need?
The Faces of Easter.

Take time to pause between each tile and discuss what you have heard. One part of this story that we do in the Godly Play room is to find objects that represent the parts of the story. For example, when we talk about the baby Jesus, someone will bring a baby doll. When we talk about Jesus going into the wilderness, someone will bring some sand or a piece of bread.

I’ve also collected some lovely resources to help families celebrate Holy Week and Easter together.

This series of blog posts by my friend Wendy Claire Barrie includes short liturgies for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday for families with children.

These resources have been graciously released by Church Publishing for free to help families celebrate Holy Week. Check out selections from Faith at Home, Building Faith Brick by Brick, and Faithful Celebrations!

Household Holy Week from Sharon Ely Pearson.

At Home Holy Week + Easter Vigil from St. Thomas, Whitemarsh

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