Jesus on the Go!

Summertime is a time when church attendance at my current parish becomes rather spotty. Many of my parishioners go on extended vacations to their beach homes or travel to visit family, and attending church every Sunday morning with our local community isn’t always possible or feasible.

As a minister I can kick against the goads, or I can acknowledge this limitation and work through it. Here’s one way we’re staying connected even when we’re far apart:

Jesus on the Go!

Here’s me with a little Jesus doll in my pocket. He gets weird looks sometimes but not any weirder then the looks I get anyway. I’m mostly just jealous of the volume in his hair and beard.

I picked up these great bendable Jesus dolls from Oriental Trading, and have been handing them out to folks of all ages on Sundays.

Jesus on the Go Ad.png

I love this project because:

  1. Evangelism! People want to know about the tiny man in your pocket. It’s a really fun and simple way to take Jesus with you in a tangible way.
  2. It’s FUN! Adults, and especially older adults, have not always been given permission to have fun in church, and this matters. A theology of fun is important! God likes fun, God made fun!
  3. Summertime is always a time when we end up feeling disconnected from our church family, and this is a great way to document our summer and stay connected digitally!
  4. This drives traffic to our growing church social media accounts, which leads us back to number 1. for DIGITAL EVANGELISM!

Here’s a link to purchase the Jesuses (Jesii?) at Oriental Trading. It was live at the time of publishing, but they may go out of stock.

Here is a link to the album on facebook so you can watch it grow over the summer.

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