Movie Night Publicity + “Ticket Stub” Reminder

Our parish has an upcoming movie night, and we want to make sure folks know that they are invited.

I’ve been putting information in the normal channels of info, but wanted to highlight it especially, so I created these mini fliers that look like movie tickets to stuff in bulletins this Sunday.

Here’s the front of the “ticket”.

I bought a micro-perforator on Amazon so that the stubs can be torn off, marked on, and returned to ushers, but the main body of the “ticket” can go home to hang on the fridge.

And the back! The tactile action of tearing off the stub helps people process information more fully, and the list on the back lets people know what to expect!

Here’s an 11×17 poster I designed using Canva and posted around the church’s grounds, including in the preschool to let families know they are welcome:

And here’s the image I’m using on Instagram to publish it further.

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