Lego Landmines, Building Faith Brick by Brick!

A stern warning to anyone who would enter our Building Faith Brick by Brick classroom without shoes!



Have you ever stepped on a Lego brick? I swear, this poster is only a very slight exaggeration. It is absolutely agonizing. I have literally broken the skin on those hard bricks before. Anyway, we moved the Building Faith class to a new room this year and we wanted to make their new space a little more special so that they would feel valued and at home there.


If you’re not familiar with the curriculum, Building Faith Brick by Brick uses Legos to explore the sacred stories of the Christian faith! The kids read the assigned story each week (from the bible of your choice) and there are relevant prayers and discussion questions to prompt their growth. Here’s a link to the curriculum. 

Fabulously, we have a special Lego Bible that we use for this class! We were using a regular story bible, but the kids really like the Brick Testament that we found and the stories are really very well done. Here are some great panels:

Having a Lego Bible special for them is important, they love it and feel valued because we have this item for their class. You can buy it on Amazon at this link.

Trinity Toyz also has several sets of bible stories made from Lego compatible bricks! Check them out here.


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