Lenten Devotional: Making Space for the Laity to Teach!


This past Lent St. Paul’s created a devotional called Ash:Dust. Each day of Lent was given a single page and a one-word theme.

Adult and youth in our parish were invited to submit images or text, poetry or prose, that would get others thinking about the season of Lent and the practices that are part of it.

Because Lent is 40 days it meant that there were 40 opportunities to share, and so people who might normally not be willing to contribute for fear of not being worth the space were able to be equipped to share their faith in a new way. Several people that I approached began with “Oh, I could never do something like that. I wouldn’t even know what to say…” Immediately after, they began to talk about the topic in question and I would encourage them, “Just write down what you said to me! Its perfect!” Some of the best devotions from that book came from people who otherwise would not have committed their ideas to paper, and now they have been published in a book.

The print format was easy, it is just a half fold of letter sized paper. The printer can automatically fold and staple, and the cover sheet is printed on a thicker gray stock. By placing a suggested donation of $2 on these devotionals, we actually ended up making money on the project as well as equipping folks to ministry.

I have attached the PDF version below. Feel free to explore it and use the ideas within.




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